G11 Tandem Bar

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Shortly after swapping my LX200 for a Losmandy G11 mounted Celestron C11 I took the decision to construct a tandem bar to mount the C11 and my Borg 4" ED refractor in a 'side by side' arrangement. The intension was to utilise the Borg as a wider field imaging scope as well as a guidescope for the C11. My thoughts were that the lower centre of gravity would reduce the overall weight carried by the G11.

To this end I asked Chris Heapy to manufacture a Tandem bar to my specifications. Luckily he had already started a similar bar for his own equipment.

A few weeks later I had the tandem bar and saddle plate installed on my G11

The C11 is attached with a heavy duty dovetail saddle made by Chris and the Borg is held by Losmandy DR90 rings fastened directly to a Universal Dovetail plate.

My first autoguided image with this arrangement is shown below:


A few more images of the tandem bar setup: