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  Comet Ikeya, 7/04/02
MX916, 80F5
Comet 2002T7, 27/10/03
SXV-H9 C11F6.3
Encke Ikeya, 27/10/03
SXV-H9 C11F6.3
Comet 2001Q4, 21/5/04
SXV-H9 C11F6.3


Comet C/2002 C1 (Ikeya)

 My first Comet! This was really a long shot. The comet was just above my Northern horizon directly 
over Sheffield city center and in hazy cloud! Anyway you can tell its a comet!

 7th April 2002. Helios 80f5 on LX200. StarlightXpress MX916. 5 x 30 secs

Comet 2002T7


Comet Encke


Comet C2001Q4 (NEAT)